My Tarot Philosophy- 

My style is very intuitive and I love to use the symbolism and imagery in the cards, letting the visual connections tell me a story. I don’t claim to tell the future, but I listen to the universe and recognize the patterns laid before me. 


I have a deep connection to the cards. They have long been a source of comfort and guidance to me, and I hope to share this with you in your reading. 


  • My reading will provide you with a picture of your current situation, highlighting the influences and likely patterns along your path. There is always free will - your own and that of others in your life, but the cards can give you perspective and prepare you to make the best possible choices for your journey.  


My preferred media is chat over Zoom or Google Meet, but I do also offer phone readings. I strive to provide an experience that is as close as possible to an in-person reading. I will do whatever I can to accommodate time zone differences, and will work with you to schedule a time that is convenient for us both.


I also provide an option for a PDF summary report of your reading, including images of the cards, and a brief description of the meanings of the cards in the context of the reading.

Guiding Star Spread

Celtic Cross


This specialized reading provides guidance based on the Major and Minor Arcana suits. It covers areas of Home & Heart, Career & Finance, Goals & Hopes, Action & Movement, Spirit, and Self.

This reading provides an in depth view of a particular question, including underlying motivations and influences, and guidance for your path forward.

This reading provides a highly focused view of an individual topic. It shows your current path, the influences of the past, and the potential before you.

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